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Here are also some success stories from previous clients who must remain anonymous due to client confidentiality:

weight lossSuccessful Slimmer
“I came to Tina after having tried all the diets under the sun. Having initially lost some weight I always put it back on…and then some more! Tina helped me identify the reasons for my overeating and the hypnosis helped me to stay off the fattening foods and to change my eating habits for the better. I lost two stone in weight over six months and have kept it off. My husband has also lost some weight because I cook healthier meals and we have cut down on our drinking. ”


Now Expecting
bayy“I have some amazing news: I am 12 weeks pregnant. I conceived in July after two hypnotherapy sessions with Tina. Words cannot describe how happy we are. Thank you so much! You made our dreams come true!”


Life Changing
“My son was bullied at school and started self-harming. Tina helped him to re-gain his self confidence and to become more assertive which quickly stopped the destructive activities. She then supported him throughout his exams. He did not only very well but even gained a scholarship for his university course. He is growing into a happy and successful young man .


happy coupleOur Happy Ever After
Despite the fact that we loved each other my boyfriend and I often had massive fights and even broke  up a couple of times. As a last try we went to Tina’s relationship counselling where we learned to understand each other better and to communicate in a constructive manner. We got married last year and have bought a house abroad. We are now looking forward to a  harmonious  future together!”